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Dare To Ask

“The answers will be given to those who are bold enough to ask”         - Amit Kalantri -

It was a Saturday and I was back in the forest but I wasn’t there to run because even the set up itself was different. The place is in the pines, the theme is beautiful and romantic. I can see people seated some in chairs others on the Maasai shawls on the lush grass. It is a Karaoke afternoon and Atai is on the stage singing one of her many hymns. I can see Sue from a far. Not the the QB’s Sue, Sue the hoodie Sue. She is half smiling and half crying like her prayers have been answered. My sister Rosebell is bubbly as usual, her and my mentor Triza are all over the place. They can’t keep calm but it is allowed.

The girl I’m seated next to is gorgeous, she is in a beautiful print dress, her elbow on my lap as she admires her nails as though just to make sure that I notice. “They’re beautiful” I say. “What?” She asks laughing. “You know babe”, I say without looking at her. Her name is called, she is next on stage to do her rendition of  Brian Nhira’s Till Death Do Us Part.

The lights go out for a minute and when they come back I’ve been teleported to the stage and I’m on one knee with a diamond gem in my hands next to the beautiful girl. “What are you doing T?” She asks. “I’m about to ask you the most important question of my life”. “So what are you waiting for? Ask already” Instead of opening my mouth to ask, I opened my eyes and woke up. It was but a dream!

Shameless Audacity

Matthew 15:21-28
Leaving that place, Jesus withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon.
22 A Canaanite woman from that vicinity came to him, crying out, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! My daughter is demon-possessed and suffering terribly.”
23 Jesus did not answer a word. So his disciples came to him and urged him, “Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us.”
24 He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.”
25 The woman came and knelt before him. “Lord, help me!” she said.
26 He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.”
27 “Yes it is, Lord,” she said. “Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.”
28 Then Jesus said to her, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted. “And her daughter was healed at that moment.

Remember how we talked about shameless audacity? Here is a Canaanite woman whom Jesus categorically tells that it is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs. She was a gentile; she didn’t deserve to ask for healing for her daughter. Healing, protection, God’s blessings was a right for the Israelites. Legitimate children. And she knew that so well but here is her attitude, “It is okay, Lord. I know the bread isn’t my portion but I’ll ask anyway because even the crumbs would do”.

Don’t Disqualify Yourself

Like the Canaanite woman, there are times in our lives when we feel undeserving of God’s grace, favor and blessings. There are times we look and write-off ourselves because our sins and the mistakes we have made in life have a way of making us feel illegitimate and undeserving of God’s best.

There's something about asking that creates something special between the one asking and the one being asked. You see, when you asked the first time, God heard you but just because He didn’t say a word it doesn’t mean that He ignored you. God’s silence is not a No. Sometimes it is about how bad you want what you are asking for. The big question here is will you let the noise of those around deter you from asking or will you persist? Will you dare to ask regardless of how bad the odds are against you? Listen, your next promotion, your next salary raise, your new job, your relationship, your free sample or big discount, a better assignment…and much more is just an ‘ask’ away! Would you ask?

Child of God, Dare To Ask.

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