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He Sees You

Genesis 16:13 [NIV] She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: "You are the God who sees me," for she said, "I have now seen the One who sees me."

Sometime in June, I was having a moment with M. In our loads and loads of discussion we found ourselves discussing a Bible plan we had done earlier. We started talking about the story of Hagar in Genesis 16 and we delved deep into it, it was so refreshing to the soul. We named it, The God Who Sees, I had an urge to write about it, she even suggested the title of the article. “Title it, He Sees You,” she said.

One month later, as I’m going through some of the blogs I follow, I stumble upon this amazing article titled The God Who Sees written by my good friend Rawder Kidula. There! My justification for not writing this article was right there in front of me. “The message is already out there, I will share it on my social media platforms and it will reach many” I bargained with God, but the Lord kept nudging me to write, so here I am brothers and sisters.

In my last article Stay Quiet Sometimes, I gave you the story of Michael and his gym instructor coach Zane. What I failed to mention was that it was not Michael who saw coach Zane, on the contrary, it was Zane who saw Michael. He reached out to him, offered to guide him through the session and that’s how the relationship was birthed.

Listen, Hagar was in the desert, she was running away from her mistress. Many of us find ourselves in difficult situations, running away from the wrath of life, ghosts of a broken relationship, the trauma of a business deal gone wrong, betrayal from loved ones. The world is in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected so many lives. People have lost loved ones, people have lost jobs, some have taken forced pay cuts, some have lost their homes, some relationships are hanging on a thread, businesses have taken a hit, marriages are on the rocks, churches have closed down, and economies have taken a crunch. In moments like this, it is very easy to feel invisible, one is left to wonder if there’s someone at all who sees them. We live in a world where people see you but they don’t actually see you.

See, here’s the good news child of God, you can afford to sojourn this walk of life with confidence, you can go through the turmoil of life knowing that your boss might not see you, your husband or wife might not see you, your mom or dad might not see you, your boyfriend or girlfriend might not see you but there’s a God in heaven, His name Jehovah El Roi, the God who sees you regardless of where you are at and who you are. Hagar had messed up her relationship with her mistress Sarai, but you see, God doesn’t care that you have made mistakes in life, He doesn’t care that you are divorced, He doesn’t care that you are not educated, that you are poor, He found Hagar a runaway slave, His eyes saw her in the middle of nowhere because there’s no darkness too dark for Him and there’s no light too bright for Him to see you either. Just as His eye is on the sparrow, you can be certain that His gaze is upon you.

Child of God, He sees you.

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