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I Do

Three simple letters

Two simple words

It’s the simplest part of the day

Yet there’s nothing simple in those two words

They are loaded, heavily pregnant

They are a life time commitment

Saying yes

To a substance of things hoped for

And the evidence of things not seen

I do

I know I could be hurt

But o balm of Gilead

I’m ready to be healed with you

I know it is scary

But I do want it either way

The fear of failure

And the fear of the unknown

May try to hold me back

Yet I still do

For I know you’ll uphold me with your right hand

And yes I may not have the full picture

I may not know everything there is to know

But still 

I do

I do not know what the future holds

But I’m ready to be surprised along the way

Because even the future is secure in your hands

I do not worry about tomorrow

Because sufficient for today

Is its own trouble

I don’t know much

But I know you are faithful to the end

That you began this good work in me

And that you will bring it to completion

That you have a good plan

To give me a hope and a future

So yes, 

I do

I do know

That this journey isn’t about feelings

It’s about the choices I make

And I choose to be one with you

I choose not to be anxious about nothing

I choose to cast all my cares on you

I choose to trust you

I choose to believe in you

I choose to love you

I choose you

I do

avatar Feb 27, 2022   06:05 AMWritten by Tim Mjete
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