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In Your Beginning God

Beginnings are not easy and I bet that’s why the Bible says “do not despise the days of small beginnings” Beginnings have a way of making people feel like all they did has gone to waste and they have to start all over again but that’s not the case because I got to learn that starting a fresh is not the same as starting from zero. I must confess that this realization has made me love beginnings. Beginnings are opportunities to do it differently and better. 

Beginnings are like turning on a new fresh page to re-write your script and this walk of life offers us so many chances to begin. It’s the beginning of the year, everyone has hopes for the year, aspirations, goals, resolutions. The question on most people’s lips is how do I begin in-order for me to end well?

Genesis 1:1 [NLT] In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

In the beginning not your money, not your work, not your connections, not your wisdom, not your brilliant ideas but in the beginning God. See, everything has a source and everything is sustained by its source. Last I checked, man’s source is God. He created man in His own image and likeness and breathed His air into his nostrils and living he became.

God was there from beginning, before the foundations of the earth were laid, God existed. Before you and I had a beginning, before life ever started, we were already a thought on His mind. He saw your unformed body (Psalm 139:16). God is the author of every beginning.

Revelation 22:13 [NLT] I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

God is the first and the last, the beginning and the end. You don’t start something and then involve Him midway to come and rubber stamp what you already started. You don’t start, get stuck in the middle and call on Him to come and unstuck you. It is either He is there from the beginning or He isn’t. There are no two ways about it. You want it to be a success? Begin with God!

As you work out through the beginning of 2022, as you write down your goals and your aspirations, as you lay down your plans for the year, as you strategize, remember this!

Child of God, In Your Beginning God.

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