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Keep Your Head Down

My classmate August Rush stood by the pool keenly hanging onto every last instruction that came from coach Marcus’ lips as though his life depended on it. It was his first-ever swimming competition at the national level. Every summer the Olympic swimming trials attracted the best of the best in the United States of America and all August had was a man who believed in him probably more than he believed in himself. He held him by his shoulders as a father would his son, “Look at me” He whispered loud enough for me to hear from where I was standing with a Canon in my hand capturing every single second of this life-defining moment. “You can do this son okay? You just got to keep your head down, you hear me? Keep your head down”

Well, I’m not a good swimmer by any standards, but words are my thing and those words kept ringing in my head throughout the competition and no less when we got home. I later got into my bed, laid there prostrate, and allowed my mind to wander. I thought about the story of creation, specifically how God performed the first-ever surgery on Adam, removed one of his ribs, and formed Eve out of it. I thought about my anatomy class, my attention drawn to how a baby forms in its mother’s womb. I thought about one of my favorite verses of the Bible.

Psalm 139:13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

I thought about Jonah and his ordeal. Three days and three nights the brother lodged in the darkness of fish belly and yet God still saw him there and heard his cry when he prayed out to him.

See, life is so much similar to these things my mind was thinking about. There’s a reason why God decided in His wisdom to create a fetus in obscurity, concealed from the eyes of men. It remains a mystery how an ovum forms into a human being, we just get to see the finished product.

Beloved, there are things God would want to do in your life that would require Him concealing you from the world. The scriptures are filled with men and women that God hid from the world in-order for Him to fulfill His purposes in their lives. The problem with many of us is we want to be seen when all God is asking of us is that we keep our heads down. Like Jonah, there’s a dark place you’ll find yourself in, there are places you’ll get to where no one will notice you, there are things you’ll do in life that no one will give you credit for; hey, don’t fight it. When you get judged for that one mistake you did and every good you’ve ever done is forgotten, keep your head down. When you have to juggle between jobs to make ends meet, keep your head down. When everyone else seems to be making progress and you seem stuck at one point, keep working hard in silence, and while at it, keep your head down because success needs not to be advertised. Sometimes it takes a dark place for God to create a change of heart in us. You save a lot of energy keeping your head down, it is what helps you focus on running your race, eyes fixed not on people but on the prize.

Child of God, keep your head down.

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