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Shameless Audacity

Luke 18:2-5 [CEV] In a town there was once a judge who didn't fear God or care about people. 3. In that same town there was a widow who kept going to the judge and saying, “Make sure that I get fair treatment in court.”  4. For a while, the judge refused to do anything. Finally, he said to himself, “Even though I don't fear God or care about people, 5. I will help this widow because she keeps on bothering me. If I don't help her, she will wear me out.”

The Odds

The widow; well, was a widow. Defenseless without her husband (because husbands are protectors). People took advantage of her situation, those who owed her late husband refused to pay. She had no one to help her as she was a nobody in that patriarchal society considering the one person who could have helped her was a judge who didn’t fear God, he didn’t care about people, he felt bothered and he was concerned that the widow will wear him out. The odds were against her. If this was a court case, no attorney would have taken up this case.

Regardless of all that, she still went ahead and approached the judge and presented her case to him. Day in and day out, she shamelessly and audaciously nudged the judge. It was risky to keep pestering a judge who didn’t fear God nor care about people. She risked being thrown in the dungeons or being expelled from society. For a while, the judge would not hear any of this widow’s complaints but still she persisted. As a result, the judge caved in to her demands and ensured that justice had been served to the widow. In as much as he did it for the wrong reasons, he still did the needful.

Listen, unlike the judge we see in Luke chapter 18, we have a God in heaven, the righteous judges of all judges, the one who cares. Cares enough to know the little details of your life like the number of the hairs on your head.  Like my friends Maria and Sylvia say, God cares enough to provide a good avocado when you pray before going to the market to get one.

See, He is a merciful God yet there’s no extent to which He won’t go to, to ensure that justice is served for His children’s sake. He is the God who fights His children’s battles and defends the cause of the defenseless.

Persistence Is The Word

Here’s the thing child of God; in this walk of life, the odds will in most cases be against you. Sometimes you will find yourself fighting battles that are bigger than you. The big question here is, in the face of discouragement, do you have it in you to persist? Do you have the audacity to shamelessly keep knocking until the door is opened? Shamelessly keep asking until you are given? Shamelessly keep seeking until you find? Shamelessly keep pushing until something happens? 

Matthew 7:7-8 [AMP] “Ask and keep on asking and it will be given to you; seek and keep on seeking and you will find; knock and keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you. 8For everyone who keeps on asking receives, and he who keeps on seeking finds, and to him who keeps on knocking, it will be opened

See, persistence is the word. This journey of faith is not for the faint at heart. You have to be resilient, you have to be a little ‘violent’, you have to defy the odds and go after that which you know is rightfully yours because when you know who you are, and when you know whose you are and when you understand that Him who promised is faithful then you will have the audacity to shamelessly go to your father in heaven over and over again and persist in your supplications and petitions without throwing in the towel.

Child of God, Shameless Audacity.

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