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Sufficient For Today

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” – Corrie Ten Boom

The Oxford dictionary defines worry as feeling or causing one to feel anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems. Worry makes one feel the need to take control of their tomorrow. Worry is something that didn’t start now, it dates back to the old testament.

Anxiety: The What If?

Exodus 16:19 Then Moses said to them, “No one is to keep any of it until morning.” 20 However, some of them paid no attention to Moses; they kept part of it until morning, but it was full of maggots and began to smell. So Moses was angry with them.

The children of Israel have just come out of captivity, they’re in the desert yearning for the miserable little portions of bread and meat they ate in Egypt. This is what wrong perception does to one’s life. All of a sudden they have forgotten the pain they went through in Egypt and for a temporary desert moment, they are whining about how they’re about to starve to death.

God in His wisdom rains manna from heaven and He instructs Moses to tell them to gather enough for just that day. But yeah. Human beings just being human beings decided you know what? Let’s keep some for tomorrow. What if He over sleeps and forgets to rain down this manna? What if our kids wake up early and are hungry for manna yet God isn’t ready yet? What if?

Overcoming Worry

See, it is inevitable not to think. Personally, I’m an over thinker. Human beings have the ability to think thousands of thoughts in a day. But here’s the thing child, there is a point in life where you pause in the midst of your many thoughts and realize that God is enough and that tomorrow is His hands. It is the reason David says, in the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul. (Psalm 94:19) And what is that comfort? It is the comfort that when my heart is overwhelmed: He will lead me to the rock that is higher than I. (Psalm 61:2)

The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. Worry is the weapon that the enemy uses to steal your joy, peace, happiness, creativity and innovation. Worry depicts lack of trust; it is birthed out of fear. The what if? God’s grace is sufficient for us. He is the God who not monthly, not occasionally, not when He stumbles upon something but daily loads us with benefits (Psalm 68:19). Understand this child of God, you cannot spare God’s grace for today in-order to use it tomorrow. It is not us who find grace because grace is never lost. It is grace that finds us.

Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Tomorrow will have its own troubles and the Bible doesn’t even shy away from saying that. And today? Well, sufficient for today is its own troubles. Wasting today’s energy in the hope of emptying tomorrow’s sorrows is a futile activity. It is like pacing up and down wondering if the sun will shine tomorrow. Distressing about how it shall be, doesn’t add a single hair to our heads.

This walk of life is a journey of faith. It is a walk of trust. Am I saying spend all the money you have today because tomorrow will take care of itself? Not at all. Am I saying don’t invest? Not in the very least. Listen, God has given us the power and the ability to work and the wisdom to know how to use what He has blessed us with. He expects us to be good stewards of the blessings He rains down on us.

The mistake that many people do is to put their trust in their savings more than the one who provided. The children of Israel trusted the manna to last them until the next day as opposed to trusting the one who had rained the manna from heaven. They failed to obey a simple instruction. Collect just what is sufficient for today.

Hey, can we just not worry? Can we not just be anxious for nothing? By prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let our requests be made known to God (Philippians 4:6).

Settle it in your heart that God will work it out.

Child of God, Sufficient For Today

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