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Trust God When He Is Silent

Miss Julie Newman drove a red vintage Volvo P1800. This sixty-four-year-old was not just my literature teacher, she was my mentor and my friend but if I’m being honest, we were more like family. The walk up the stony path from the library to her house every Thursday afternoon with me carrying her pile of poetry and literature books had become a sort of a ritual. Her house was up a small hill in the school compound, surrounded by a mini forest of maples, oaks and some hickories which made the view so therapeutic especially in the fall. “In two hundred meters turn left” came the voice on the GPS navigation system as we drove down the hill. She took the turn onto the main road to the city. “Drive three miles North” came the GPS again and then there was silence.

“Say something” Miss Julie muttered under her breath. “You talking to me?” “No, to the GPS”. She saw the confusion on my face and jumped in to clarify. “I wish the GPS was developed in such a way that it doesn’t just blurt out an instruction and goes mum.” She went on to explain that she wanted the system to keep talking to her all through, “you know, with stuff such as slow down, keep going, you doing just fine,” she said with a smile on her face. I looked at her and smiled back.

You know, this walk of life ain’t so different. For a child of God, like the GPS navigation system our heavenly father guides our paths with the instructions He gives us through His word. Scriptures record more than 1900 times where the phrase “Thus says the Lord” is used. You see, “Thus says the Lord” is not a suggestion, it is a statement of absoluteness. It settles everything!

Jeremiah 33:2 “Thus says the LORD who made the earth, the LORD who formed it to establish it—the LORD is his name:

From a tender age I was taught to be sensitive to the Spirit of God, to listen to the voice of God. “My sheep hear my voice” was one of my memory verses growing up. See, we know how to communicate when God has spoken, we know how to trust God when He speaks. It’s easy that way because we have a word and we can remind ourselves that He is a man of His word but the real question here is what happens when God doesn’t speak at all? Would you still trust God when He is silent?

The road called life can be unpredictable, confusing and hurting. It is true God made that promise to you but what happens when months and years pass and heaven is silent? Sometimes all you want is to hear God’s voice saying “it is well, child”, “you are doing just fine”, “keep hoping”, “don’t give up”, “I got your back”. That is what we want but it won’t always be the case because there are times when God will be silent. Listen, while you are waiting on God to speak, you can trust Him in the silence. “And how do I do that Tim?” You might ask. By acting on the last instruction He gave you. If all He said was “drive three miles North” keep driving. One thing I know for sure is that you won’t get to the end of that road before He speaks again.

Child of God, Trust God Even When He Is Silent

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