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You Are Worthy

In middle school, we were just but a bunch of sons and daughters of immigrants who like my mom had come to the great United States of America to study and others to work while others to seek asylum.  A majority of them found love in the process and that’s how some of us had come to be. We were not rich but the public school they sent us to, was “an opportunity to realize the American dream” they told us. The then state governor together with the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) initiated a program to provide food for kids from poor communities to ensure no one skipped school because of lack of a meal.

Every morning we lined up to receive ‘our daily bread’. You know how they say “a beggar has no choice?” well, that didn’t seem to apply to us because no one wanted the leftovers, everyone eyed the choice bread.

Matthew 14:20They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over.”

Everyone had eaten of the choice bread and fish and had their fill, but here is Jesus instructing His disciples to gather the broken leftover pieces. As if that wasn’t enough, when He put them in a boat and sends them ahead, He ensured the twelve baskets of the leftovers were put in the boat as well. See, here is what I’ve learnt with God, anyone or anything He saw worthy, He put it in a boat. Baby Moses was put in a “boat” to protect him from Pharaoh. When the floods were about to hit, He put his son Noah in a boat. Never would we have imagined that God would see value in pieces of broken bread collected in a field where five thousand men (not counting the women and the children) had sat.

Listen, I don’t know at what point in life you are at, whether you feel broken, alone, unworthy or otherwise. This article isn’t for the perfect ones, it is for you who has been written off in the eyes of men. It is for you who they said you won’t amount to anything, to you, who they said you were a nobody to a point where you start to doubt if you are worthy.  In the eyes of men, you may just be another broken piece of leftover but guess what? In the eyes of God, you are worthy. While human beings look at the physical, God looks at your heart. It doesn’t matter how broken you are, it doesn’t matter how people perceive you. When God sees you, He sees you and nothing can take away His favor over your life, no amount of mudslinging can change God’s view of you.  You are the apple of His eye and He values you more than you would ever know.

So, do yourself a favor, journey this walk of life with some confidence knowing pretty well that…

Child of God, You Are Worthy.

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